The Forgotten one

Prosciutto, chourizo, speck…We all know the delights of these cured meats although I would like to retrieve from the smokery, one that seems to have been forgotten: Salpicão. This cured sausage, traditional from the Portuguese region of Tras-os-Montes (Meaning “Beyond the Mountains”) is specifically made from the loin of pork which has been marinated for a week in a mixture of spices, garlic and wine. It is the leanest of all cured meats I assure you, pure loin with delicious hints of bay. I still can see them hanging from the butchers windows, or from the blackened beams above my great-aunt’s kitchen range.  To eat it was always a slight luxury, confined to special occasions. I have decided to present you with a simple salad (as the post-festive season demands) that let’s this beautiful meat shine. Enjoy.


125 gr of rocket

1 tbsp of olive oil

juice of half lemon

1/2 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

salt & pepper to season

100 gr of  thinly sliced Salpicão.  sausage (found in Portuguese delicatessens or in others that stock Iberian products)

3 caper berries cut in half


Add the lemon juice and the mustard to the olive oil and beat well using a small fork. Dress the rocket with this mixture and season with salt & pepper. Serve the thinly slices of salpicão on top of the rocket and the caper berries cut in half.


2 responses to “The Forgotten one

  1. Does the Salpicao have to be cooked first?

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