Feijoada with shredded Madeira pork and a citrus dessert

It is cold and dark and January seems to drag on. We anxiously wait  for the beginning of another  month  that takes us nearer to Spring, to bigger and lighter days. To help us keep going I would like to present you with a modern take  on a dish that is so dear to me. If there is one dish that represents the place I was born and grew up, this is it: Tripas a Moda do Porto (Porto’s tripe & butter bean casserole). The history of this staple dish takes us back to  the early part of the 15th century when the city of Porto deprived itself of meat to supply the expedition that conquered the city of Ceuta, in North Africa. During that time, Porto residents were limited to tripe and other animal organs. This honourable gesture won us the title of “Tripeiros” – The tripe people. Not very glamorous, I know, albeit synonymous of our respect towards our navigators. In my family, this was often a Sunday lunch dish, cooked for hours in a big pan with the beans that had been soaking in water and a bay leaf for a whole night. I must confess, I haven’t cooked with tripe for a long time, it is not suited for the faint hearted, I assure you. Although there is part of me that yearns for that exquisite taste and those languid Sunday lunches. Today I have taken a contemporary view on this old recipe, deciding to slowly stew the beans with harissa paste and kale. On top I give you a very slowly cooked pork loin in Madeira wine which is shredded and, if you fancy, sprinkled with chopped coriander. And for dessert, to clear the palate, here is a citrus mousse made with the juice of lemons and limes.

White bean casserole with kale and shredded pork in Madeira wine


1kg of pork loin

2 garlic cloves

1 bay leaf

125ml of Madeira wine

salt & pepper for seasoning

500gr of white beans

150gr of lardons

1tbsp of olive oil

2 garlic cloves

1 small thyme twig

1 tsp of harissa paste

250gr of kale

750ml of good quality vegetable stock

salt & pepper for seasoning


Soak the beans in water overnight.

Place the pork loin in a large bowl. Prepare a marinade with the Madeira wine, the crushed garlic cloves and the bay leaf. Season well with salt & pepper. Cover the pork with this marinade and leave overnight in the fridge.

Brown the pork loin on a very hot deep pan for a few minutes, cover with the marinade and immediately turn the heat to a minimum. Let it cook very slowly for about 2 hours. When it is ready the pork will be soft and will shred very easily. The marinade will turn into a very thick, delicious brown sauce which you could serve on top of the pork.

Meanwhile, drain the beans and set aside. Fry the lardons in the olive oil, add the garlic and the harissa paste. Mix in the drained beans and add the vegetable stock. Season with salt & pepper. Cook very slowly for 1 hour, always checking to see if the beans are not  too dry. If so, please add some water. When the beans are soft, mix in the kale and cook for an extra 20 minutes.

Serve the beans in a bowl with the shredded pork on top.

Lemon & Lime Mousse


175 ml of condensed milk

75 gr of sugar

200 ml of double cream

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence

juice of two lemons and one lime.


In a bowl, whisk the sugar with the condensed milk. While whisking, slowly add the juices of the lemons and the lime. Also add in the vanilla essence. Bit by bit, pour in the cream and continue whisking until it resembles a soft, thick and fluffy mousse.

Divide the mousse into small glasses or ramekins. Place in the fridge overnight. In the moment of serving, sprinkle with some lemon grind.


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