“Pão-de-Ló” orders! Encomendas de “Pão-de-Ló”

As Christmas is around the corner, I have decided that this year I will be taking orders for my favourite Portuguese cake of all time — Pão-de-Ló. This gorgeous sponge cake with hints of lemon and Port,  is served as a Christmas cake all around Portugal. It is baked in a traditional terracotta pot, perfect as a dessert with cheese or toasted for Christmas morning breakfast. Light as a feather and so scrummy.

One cake serves generously 12 people. (26 cm diameter)


Price is £20 per cake (includes one London delivery address).

For the rest of the UK, postage rates apply.

Payment by Paypal.


3 responses to ““Pão-de-Ló” orders! Encomendas de “Pão-de-Ló”

  1. Never heard of this X-mas cake in Portugal. Seems difficult to toast this type of cake for breakfast.

    • Hi Peter!

      As my grandmother says…we live and learn!

      This is one of the most traditional cakes on the Portuguese Christmas table! And you can toast the slices under the grill…delicious with slices of sheep’s milk cheese that melt into the sponge. Divine!

      Try and make it!

      Happy Christmas


  2. francisco luis almeida

    Filho, parabéns por tudo que tens feito. Nós só te demos uma ajuda quando eras jovem o resto vem de ti, da tua forma como vês a vida da tua capacidade de trabalho e empreendimento. Beijos

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