Chunky smoked mackerel pâté / Pâté grosseiro de cavala fumada



To start the month, on this cold yet relaxed Sunday, I decided today to cook this quick snack for lunch. Delicious, pungent albeit light. A fantastic spread on top of some crusty whomeal  bread.

Chunky smoked mackerel pâté /  Pâté grosseiro de cavala fumada


300 gr of smoked mackerel
50 gr of finely sliced iceberg lettuce
50 gr of pitted, chopped black olives
2 tbsp of mayo
Pinch of black pepper

Slices of toasted, good wholemeal bread


USing your fingers, shred the smoked mackerel.

In a bowl, place all the ingredients, topped by the mayo. Mix everything very well until it resembles a coarse yet homogeneous paste. Spread it on top of toasted wholeameal toasted bread.


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