My name is Miguel de Almeida and I am a Portuguese cook based in London. Living in such a cosmopolitan city allows me to experience food from all around the World which influence the dishes that I create from my own culinary heritage.

All recipes and pictures by Miguel de Almeida © 2010


9 responses to “MIGUEL DE ALMEIDA

  1. You have a blog /website! Looks really wonderful. Very much looking forward to further updates and have bookmarked you

  2. Brilliant! Looks gorgeous.
    Looking forward to seeing some more yummy recipes.

  3. Michele&Valeria

    Gustosissimo! well done Miguel we are waiting for more and exciting recipies

  4. Tersa Vasconcellos

    Que lindo! Que Lindo! Que lindo! A-mei! 😉

    in English (LOL!):
    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Lo-ve it! 😉

  5. Delicious (that’s you AND your cooking….)

  6. Hi Miguel, Congratulations on your project. I would like to subscribe to it. I am Portuguese artist, born in S.Miguel, Acores. I live on the westcoast of Canada, on Vancouver Island. My Canadian husband is in London at present visiting with our son-in-law. He appreciates Portuguese cuisine..so I will be looking at your recipes.

  7. Veronica Bailey

    Milli says yum yum xx and I say Well done xx

  8. portugaluntouchedtoday

    Hi Miguel
    I am an Australian living in Portugal now for many years and I love your site. I have started a site (as a hobby) also on Portugal which covers many areas and your recipes are excellent. If you don’t mind I will use your site as a click reference to some names of food that I will mention in my blog so that people can see the recipe! Its great you are spreading the word about great Portuguese cuisine! Thank you.

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